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Prize for the daftest comment.

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4 minutes ago, Blatter said:

Must go to Exeter’s manager.

’Our keeper never had a shot to save and we lost 2-0’.


Well then, that might have something to do with today’s result.


He also said they controlled long periods of the game. 🤣🤣🤣

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I like it when managers say garbage like that. It means they are hurting and don’t want to make their players feel crap. So they hide it with gibberish. 
Fair play. Can’t really blame him for that. 
To be honest I thought Exeter had some decent play and missed some good chances. But Wednesday had the class where it counted. And Shaw decided to have the game of his career so far. If he said that he’d look less of a twerp.  
After the week we’ve had I can understand they are upset because they thought we were bringing our youth team. 
They must have puked when they saw the team sheet!

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