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Man of the Match - Exeter (FA Cup 3rd rnd)

Man of the match  

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  1. 1. FA Cup Man of the match

    • Wildsmith
    • Odubajo
    • Galvin
    • Pelupessy
    • Brennan
    • Shaw
    • Reach
    • Hunt
    • Paterson
    • Bannan
    • Harris
    • Dele-Bashiru

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The back four were solid. Brennan, Shaw and Galvin should be very proud of their performance. On the contrary the game completely bypassed Paterson, Pelupessy and Hunt. Which is shame because today was a good chance for Hunt to show what he’s made off. Moses, BB, Reach and Harris all steady.

Anybody with a brain will vote Shaw as MOTM. Very impressive performance. Could be the next Kieran Lee.


UTO on to the next one

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Galvin gets it on a normal day, however that wasn’t a normal performance from Shaw - it was extraordinary - after the bit of skill early in the 2nd half he was brimming with confidence and played like Messi for the last 30 minutes 

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Relieved to get through that without too many scares. Exeter were very solid, and carried a threat on the counter, but we got stronger as we went on. Shaw looked like flipping Vieira at times.


The first game I've seen of the post-Pulis era (I did sort of see Derby but I was, er, poofaced, so didn't really register what was going on), let's keep it up.

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Shaw was already a 10/10 for me but that run from central defence down the right wing ending with a perfect pass for Patterson to tuck away was superb. One ali shuffle too saw him escape the clutches of Exeter midfielders. We may have a player on our hands here. No one had a bad game today but the youngsters in particular all stood up to the challenge: Well done lads really enjoyed the game ! 

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Shaw for me, followed by Galvin.


Harris was poor as was Hunt. FDB did OK when he came on, better at holding on to the ball 

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Haven’t seen the game or even listened to it but am shamelessly following the crowd and voting for Shaw. 
Get him on a proper contract FFS!

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11 minutes ago, Maddogbob said:

Galvin by miles, the amount of work, blocks, tackles. 


One hell of a shift from that young man. 


Well played

How refreshing to see 3 youngsters like Shaw, Brennan and Galvin have excellent games.

Dare I say the future looks bright. 🙈


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10 minutes ago, Kagoshimaowl said:

A vet professional performance after a tough week.


Wildsmith 6 nothing to do. Needs to command area

Odubajo 7 solid

Brennan 6 did ok but seems a bit of a donkey to me

Shaw 9 outstanding. Brilliant run for the second goal too 

Galvin 7 awful first 15 minutes then excellent after that. I’d like to see more of him

Reach 7 quiet but an extra point for the outstanding finish 

Pelupessy 6 defensively ok...just don’t give him the ball

Bannan 8 makes us tick

Hunt 4 he’s like a ghost. Does nothing 

Harris 5 worked hard but end product is getting worse

Paterson 6 like in other games, awful but scored again!


Dele-Bashiru 7 did well. Much better than Hunt


Well done boys!


Brennan 6?! You actually mad?

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