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Here's how January is looking (fixtures and potential 12 points to play for)

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8 hours ago, Hitcat said:

9 out of 12 points ain't bad.

2 out of 3 ain’t bad.


So Meat Loaf tells us.


Not sure you can apply that to football though.

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Draw with Coventry, beat Wycombe, lose to Bournemouth, draw with Preston. 5 points. Do that all season and we'll just about be ok.

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9 hours ago, mcmigo said:

We owe Exeter a beating


2 of the most humiliating footballing experiences we have had


1.  When they hammered us in the artic blizzard at theirs

2.  When they beat us last day of the season at home and the manager, who retired 7 years previously , brought himself on as a sub to take the mick.


I would love to thrash Exeter.


No.2 I remember vividly. Exeter grabbed a late winner as Troy Archibald-Henville ran the length of the pitch after Darren Potter's error. What an awful day that was. 

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9 hours ago, room0035 said:

With no income and unable to pay the players the prize money on offer for the fa cup then we need to make sure we at least win the Exeter game


Third round proper winners - £82,000

Fourth round proper winners - £90,000

Fifth round proper winners - £180,000

Quarter final winners - £360,000

Semi-final winners - £900,000

emi-final losers - £450,000

Final runners-up - £900,000

Final winners - £1.8m


In the later rounds we could also add tv money to the prize money, last season it was £144k in early rounds then £247k from round 5, just 2 or 3 rounds could net the club £500k+ for a team struggling with no income it could be very important.


We of course will most likely do the usually weak team and knocked out but with the unbeaten run of 4 games and 10 points I would want to keep winning its not like we play a league game a few days after the cup game we have 7 days so for me play a stronger team to win with a few youngsters for experience. 

Go as far as we can,dont play a crap side,go out to win..keep the momentum going..

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I’ve been watching Wednesday for a while now so fully expect us to scrape 0-0 draws against Cov and Wycombe, batter Bournemouth and then lose to Preston. 
Against Exeter we play mainly kids and bench warmers plus a couple of 1st team players. We lose to a 94th min goal from Exeter and both 1st team players get injured and are out for ‘two weeks’. 

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