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What did we learn after signing Grant Holt?

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7 hours ago, Owls Loyal said:

I don't know if anyone else went to Brentford away during Grant Holt's short spell with us.


He was big and awkward and had a half decent game that day.


I am still mystified why Chris Turner thought that Kim Olssen wouyd be a better option.  He was truly gash.


Special day (for me.) 


October 4th 2003. My 30th birthday and 20th anniversary of my first Wednesday game (near enough - October 1st 1983 - a 4-2 win at Hillsborough against Blackburn Rovers.)


Holt got two that day (I think) and was a handful but by God we were dreadful that day. It was a smash and grab raid of sorts. First 40 minutes we were totally overrun and it felt like Brentford would get the first and the sky would fall in.


We scored twice in the last 5 minutes of the first half and were equally bobbar in the second half but came away with a 3-0 win.


I claimed a higher power ordained the result for my special day in much the same way that when I first ever touched the match ball (after about 10 minutes away at Hull in THAT game in April 2005) I stated that victory from that point on was inevitable! Didn’t fuss much over James Quinn’s injury time winner as I knew it was coming! 

Now that was some away day!

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11 hours ago, FreshOwl said:

Good interview with him on under the cosh podcast. Speaks highly of us 

And kind of summed up what most fans thing about Turner. Interesting how he said something along the lines of "If I'd just held on a few months and he'd gone it could have been very different."

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Despite not scoring ( I think) in the 7 2 win at Burnley he looked fantastic that day, but that was probably more to do with Burnley's inept attempt at defending than anything else. (Great day out that was by the way).

I thought he would prove more than an handful the following season in League 1, sadly it didn't work for him or SWFC in general that season.



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