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The GuruJuan Transfer Megathread 2021 (and beyond)

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1 minute ago, TommyCraig said:

I don't know sorry. Just what I've heard from someone I know who's a good friend of his. 

Thanks for sharing , Wonder if we've gone for him over Cosgrove then.

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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

I think Gregory would be a free transfer 

I'd probably take a free transfer for Gregory than a loan for Cosgrove due to already having 5 loans who will all be in the matchday 18 most weeks, Someone would have to miss out.

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3 minutes ago, wellbeaten-the-owl said:

We were linked early in the window weren't we? Makes sense with stoke signing a couple of new forwards

Yeah we were liked early on. Looks like we'll have competition for places up front by the time season gets underway, always a good thing. 

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I know Gregory may not be the young fast striker we all crave but with our budget and with the blend of the rest of the team I think his experience, height and goals could be valuable. He was a late developer and has played in the Champ a long time now and done a fairly consistent job at all clubs he's been at. I'd like to think someone like him could come in and benefit from the midfield we seem to have built up. 

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28 minutes ago, TommyCraig said:

Lee Gregory announced this week, contract signed. Nailed on. 

Didn’t YesWeCrann (spelling), the bloke that writes for the star say that he was still under contract? If so, I imagine he will be on massive wages. And can’t see that getting settled. 

I would take him here though 

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