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F1 2021

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2 hours ago, Roy Of The Roasters said:

I noticed something a bit odd yesterday, and I think the penny has just dropped.


If the cars start the race on Intermediates, they're not obliged to pit are they? That's presumably why several of the drivers were asking if they could go to the end of the race on the set they were using....

If it’s a wet race they don’t have to make a stop for tyres - that’s the rule. That’s why it’s important IF they officially declare it a wet race before the start. 

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1 hour ago, scram said:

Don't forget qualifying for the US GP is at 10pm our time tomorrow


Race at 8pm Sunday


Practice 1 and 2 tonight as well. 

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23 hours ago, darra said:

Listening to an American commentator last night on the radio he said the circuit suits Mercedes better than Red Bull.


On Friday in practice the Mercs were wel on top in the "long runs" in race set up. 


Interesting race ahead. 

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With 2 pit stops and RB generally having at least half a second advantage per stop i can see the race for 2nd between LH and Perez being the issue


Can't see beyond Max for the win


As a Lewis fan hope i'm wrong but Max really looks in the zone

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51 minutes ago, darra said:

Verstappen must've been close to a penalty for his manoeuvre at the start?


I don't think so because of the racing line at the first corner


He did yield at the corner and ran wide


Fair racing i thought

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