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1 hour ago, scram said:

Absolute mess from LH - again


yet another open goal he's stuck over the stand


RB will be laughing their absolute Balls off

Totally agree but as long as its dry for the race it won't be a problem 


Sainz and Russell will be a doddle to pass .....................so will Lando tbh 

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8 hours ago, Essix Blue said:



3 Brits in the top 4 - and Lando on pole 




The irony is that while conditions were wet, it was all going pretty much with form. It was the drying track in the last part of quali that shook things up. I think it was George Russell who saw the opportunity to run on slicks first, but others quickly followed. It looked like the wrong call at first as they struggled to get heat into the tyres, but once they did it was a game changer. So it was those who managed to get another lap in who really benefited, and Lando - who seems to love those sort of conditions - took full advantage. 


Lewis was late to that party of course, but as long as he's patient the race is still winnable. Needs to stay out of trouble for the first couple of corners, though.

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Lewis had already nailed the lap for inters - as soon as any driver went onto slicks he should have done the same to give himself maximum time to get the tyres hot enough for a flyer


Another bad call and lets face it absolute howlers of rookie mistakes from Lewis by firstly planting himself into the pit wall then spinning while trying to retrieve his bad judgement


He's lucky he didn't damage the car to the extent he would need repairs to shunt him to the back of the grid


I don't think he'll have it that straightforward in the race tbh - and he really needs to get his head into the game because once again he's given Max a massive boost when i suspect him/RB had all but given up anything other that a hefty points deficit from this weekend

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