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I'm sure LH would have preferred VB being between him and Max for protection


I think it's without doubt that VB will be order to let Lewis pass - if he cannot do it naturally


But as Horner said - thats the sport now - they sacrificed Perez to give Max a tow to allow him to set the lap time he did


Tactics - they all do it

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35 minutes ago, scram said:

The start is all important today and it's where Max can seize an opportunity


If the Mercs get away ok then they should have too much for the RB to come back at them


Monza, being a high speed circuit, ought to favour the Mercs.


That chicane at the end of the pit straight is always a factor though. They need to get through that unscathed at the start.

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Absolutely dreadful from Lewis.


At a merc track too


Beginning of the end for the GOAT


Another flawless drive from Max who now starts on pole with the 2 McLarens between himself and Lewis.


He couldn't have dreamt of that scenario yesterday

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53 minutes ago, flo said:

Anyone else prefer the regular qualifying?

The drivers are taking very little risk in sprint qualifying as they dont want to start at the back when the big points are dished out. 


That was awful today.


The sprint is basically one shot qualifying, extended over 18 laps. I think I made the point during Silverstone that the consequences of screwing up are such that the teams are likely to be risk averse. Unlike regular qualifying where you can nip in and out of the pits, there are no second chances. So the tactics are very likely to be conservative.


As for Lewis, how damaging was that. Unless he can get past the Maccas quickly tomorrow, I can see Max streaking away.

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Max will sail off into the distance


Lewis won't even have the chance of an undercut


Can't help thinking the overall Merc strategy of VB taking the grid penalty for this race has backfired


But i suppose they didn't expect LH to drive like me stuck behind a tractor on the way to Norwich

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