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1 minute ago, keefdave said:

Paterson reminds me a bit of me when I was 48


He reminds me of an embarrassing drunken Uncle on a party dance-floor - just barging into folk. He is truly awful. Makes Nuhiu look like Beckenbauer!

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11 minutes ago, helmut_rooster said:


At least Nuhiu could......erm......🤣

He'd hold the ball up and give the defenders something to worry about which is more than can be said of Paterson!

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This is so so bad. I honestly didn’t think even this bunch of useless sods could perform this bad. Whoever the manager is they won’t give a crap. Maybe time to stop blaming managers and blame the players. 

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1 minute ago, Lawrie Madden said:

You'd think someone might have mentioned it eh 

Plenty have and you then claimed about all the pitches in the Championship being the same. 

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