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Wednesday -V- Derby OMDT

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1 minute ago, jonnyowl said:

We have Bannan and Pelupessy in the middle and we are surprised we are getting outplayed.


Needs another in the middle with them!

Agreed. No point having 2 up top with the way things are. Bring Paterson back to midfield for a bit. Try and disrupt their play and give ourselves a chance. 

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1 minute ago, tomhollywood said:

It's times like this that bannan frustrates me.

He's the captain, he plays in the middle of the park.


Never a captain, in my opinion.

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1 minute ago, IstillhateSteveBould said:

I’m watching the game.


We’re letting the worst Derby side in years control and dictate. 

Imo the effort is half hearted. Pressing is slow and without purpose. Weak challenges. Weak in the air. 

They just don’t look bothered 


Derby aren't that bad - they'll finish mid table at least.


They certainly aren't our relegation rivals.

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