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1 hour ago, frastheowl said:


That's simply not true.


We can all name the clubs that have a philosophy/a blueprint/ a DNA...call it what you want. And those clubs are very open about their strategy.


Whether it be Norwich City... driven by an open, honest Sporting Director who hires a coach to match the way that the club see themselves playing. And meticulously planning their transfer targets. Or a club like a Millwall or Cardiff...that know exactly what they are. They are clubs where the fanbase demand 4-4-2, direct, get the ball forward style of play. And they embrace it.


Barnsley are a terrific local example of having a strict blueprint, been patience with it, and hiring managers specifically to execute the plan of developing young players with sell on potential, with the acceptance that they'll constantly sell their better players. Barnsley didn't win football games last season...they were fortunate to survive. They were dreadful the last time they went down... but their philosophy remained strong.


Whether or not these clubs (of which there are many), come out and spell out their philosophy in the media, or it's just a traditional way in which the fans can get behind the club, they've all got a common goal. They have a joined up process...the chairman, the higher management, the manager/coach, the fans and the players are all invested in that. 


We haven't got a process...and Chansiri trying to convince himself he has, is frankly laughable. Just look at the managers he's appointed. You couldn't get a more varied bunch if tried. I really wish I could believe a word he says about a philosophy...but I don't...because the evidence isn't there. Even then, Chansiri might have an idea of how he'd like us to play...but if his advisors don't implement it by employing managers capable of embracing it, or signing players capable of playing it...it's nothing more than a dream.


While ever Chansiri fails to address the glaring inadequacies within the club structure, a philosophy will never be able to be imprinted strongly enough for it to have an effect.


We are an absolute prime example of HOW NOT TO RUN A FOOTBALL CLUB. Of course, we might get lucky and eventually have a season that achieves Chansiri's goals...but those chances are diminishing with every season that passes.

Nailed it there Fras

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What gets me the most with DC is the fact he goes on about losing money.


Yes I was there with 40000 other Wednesday fans at Wembley desperate for the players to turn up and get over the line and get us into the Premier league. The difference between me,40k others and DC would be only one of us would be seeing £200,000,000.00. He was the one truly winning if Wednesday got promoted and in the end we all wanted that.

I have dedicated over 30 years of my life to this obsession this habit this addiction, to a game of football, to my club, my team.

When or if Wednesday go before me I lose a huge part of my life. My mum dad and younger sister out last my affinity with the owls.  My younger brother misses out by a year. I got married 9 years ago at Hillsborough ( tacky I know) but my wife knew how much that would mean to me.  I've took my young son to his first game the other year and would love to take him to more. He's already indoctrinated . He has every shirt and so much paraphernalia and hes only ever seen us play on TV since the friendly I took him too. My point is I lose the opportunity  in the future to do this with my son if Wednesday go under and he cant take this into the future. Thats what I lose that connection that part of my life. 

DC loses money, money he can get back over time.

I know its a bit dramatic  and there's nothing to saying the club is going under yet but I find his distain to his "customers" galling and an incredible lack of understanding and reading the room.

It really is more than just a game to some

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Chansiri is daft, we all know that, but he's our daft lad...and only a daft lad would have bought us in the first place, anyway.


If we're fed up, think how he must feel after coughing up several hundred million pounds.


I bet the decision to buy us is something he bitterly regrets.


He tried, had the club's best interests at heart, and was extremely generous.


But for an injury to Hooper - dismal Dom Howson's "great leveller" - things may very well have been quite different.


Chansiri's main "fault" is loyalty - to managers and advisors who've had him round the corner.


He tried to apply Oriental values to a business which is rotten to the core.


He probably can't understand how fans chastise him after basically beggaring himself for us.


There aren't a queue of people wanting to take this club on, and fans' buyouts are IMO not an option.


The real fault for our plight lies with Dave Richards and co', who wouldn't sell out and modernize us when the moment was ripe back in the early 90s.


Dave had his eyes on a much bigger prize...


Like it or not, it's Chansiri or nothing so we may as well back him.


The alternative is worse.


I don't like gruel, but I prefer it to cow flop.

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3 hours ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Fans want to feel part of the club. Want to know what the strategy is. Want to see how we’re going to move forward.


These press conferences are just turning into DC going on the defensive and blaming others. It’s pointless.


I respect him hugely for speaking when his first language isn’t English - but it creates more divisions and problems than it causes. 

Got to the stage where we are just going around in circles and the chairman is becoming a joke in football circles, some managers who would have loved the job at one time will give us a wide berth now. 

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Just now, Morepork said:


The "Shareholder" text has been deleted.

yep he did that yesterday after our fans attention was sent his way.  

Strange that one of his Instagram posts from last week was a pic of S6 with the quote “here to make Wednesday big again”.   Yet he’s been working with Chansiri for a year and is only an advisor.  

Maybe someone hacked the guys account 

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