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Daft idea.


Option 1 - set up a new club and support AFC Sheffield Wednesday and in 10 years be watching conference north football.


Option 2 - Stay put and support Sheffield Wednesday FC and in 10 year be watching conference north football.


All Rhodes and all that 

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On 29/12/2020 at 05:44, westy365owl said:

How far realistically would you expect to get ? 


You only have to look at the fans that created fc United they have been going 15 years now and still haven't made it into the league 


Even in non league now without decent backing financially you won't ever make it and I don't think many fans on here would give you 15 years grace and be happy still watching non league afterwards 

I used to know a lad who was quite heavily involved in FC United from the offset. There isn’t and has never been a great desire for FC United to climb the leagues or an expectation of promotions to the football league, as there will have been at a project like Salford for example. The club is built around a community charter and primarily exists to give a couple of thousand fans an alternative to the modern Manchester United experience. 

A Wednesday alternative (which I’d hope would simply be called The Wednesday Football Club) would love or die based on expectations, I guess. If people got into it knowing what they wanted then I think it would be a success, but you’d inevitably lose fans along the way through any expectation of matching or surpassing Chansiri’s club. 

It’s an idea that interests me a lot. I’m not particularly convinced in the Wednesday fanbase to do it though, if I’m honest. Genuine supporter action is something we have consistently done badly, got wrong or just passively not bothered with for years.

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1 hour ago, mcmigo said:

The standard of football in the lower leagues is absolutely awful. It’s a romantic vision, the local club, bovril and honest players who don’t dive.

The reality is poor players walloping the ball on muddy pitches, and awful amateur club politics off the pitch.



This isn't about Sheffield Wednesday mate lol

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