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4 minutes ago, Ellis Rimmer said:

Faith is the act of believing in something despite not seeing much evidence of it,


Good man, pretty close.


Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
Hebrews 11:1 NIV

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5 minutes ago, Essix Blue said:

So you’re backing DC then? You think the only reason to sack him 10 games in is results? When Pulis has been let down with ridiculous decisions by players and been hampered by the injury list?

I don't think it's whether you back dc or not. What Pulis has done on the pitch was rubbish. I kidded myself "we look a lot more solid" of course we did, we didn't attempt to attack. How many chances have we created in his time? I am not exaggerating-the football we played was the worst thing I've ever seen in football.

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1 minute ago, Ellis Rimmer said:

Why do you say this. It's DC's job to get the right people in place. Regardless of what is happening off the pitch, what TP has done is clearly nowhere near the standard you would've expected from him. So if DC has a million jobs to get right, the manage is still one of them and is not absolved from critiscm until DC gets every other facet of the club right. He was rightfully sacked due to extremely poor performances. Faith is the act of believing in something despite not seeing much evidence of it, did you have faith in TP? I'd lost mine. Anyone who refuses to play a striker doesn't deserve to be at the club. 


Absolutely this. 20 shots on target during the Pulis reign, a complete lack of attacking competence, clueless substitutions and a style of football that wouldn't be acceptable in Sunday league. He's lucky he lasted 10 games.

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Something tells me Chansiri didnt like been told a few home truths.  Pulis really didn't inspire me but I think he is a man who would be up front and would tell it as it is. That is we are a club that is rudderless from top to bottom and the playing squad needs a massive overhaul. 


So instead of spending money on improving the squad and maybe even paying them we have sacked the manager and now probably have to pay out something decent.


Who will want to manage us in the current circumstances? The players will now have to hear a third different voice barking instructions to them this season and trying to change our format/style. You could hardly blame for them losing total interest now. 


The club is a laughing stock. League One here we come.

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We are screwed.


You don’t sack two managers in three months, fail to pay players and survive.


All of the house of cards is tumbling down. Stadium sales, missing accounts, fake taxis, balloon companies. What a mess.


Chansiri owes me £1500, do you think I’ll ever see it?

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