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Appreciate you have tried but you didn't get good advice and you didn't listen to those that offered it.


You have lost Millions and will continue to lose more as you fundamentally have little idea of how to run a football club or business in the UK.


You said you would leave if you weren't wanted.


Please find a buyer and do that 


Kind regards



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9 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

In other words TP has been honest and told him what is wrong with the club. And the chairman has thrown his toys out the pram and sacked him.


We are in serious trouble with this man still our owner

And now has to spend a load of cash to pay him off....

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We are phooked.


I wholeheartedly believe that this club is heading for such a dark phase in our history.


Nobody worth having will be the next victim in the S6 managers hotseat.


Its going to be somebody like Steve Evans or that non league bloke who was in charge of Leeds.


Get out of our club Chansiri, you are a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a beloved friend.

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8 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

From a purely footballing perspective..


We no longer have to put up with fellow Sheffield Wednesday fans trying to tell us that defending for 90 minutes with a 8-2-0 formation is the only way to stay up

Can we agree never ever to be in that situation ever again?




I won't argue about that.


But from a non-purely footballing perspective it looks ridiculous.

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Maybe he's taking the Windass money and not putting nothing back in and Pulis rightly was aggrieved. I just knew, the way its been going, there would be nowt put up. Who'd want to take charge now? Unless they fancy League One or Two. Chansiri might as well take the hot seat. How bad has he plunged this great club? Can't think of one decision in a truck full of them that's worked out. I hope DC writes an autobiography one day. Would prove a very interesting read. 

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8 minutes ago, Ellis Rimmer said:

I do not. Pulis plays like we have a league 2 side on damage limitation. End of the day if you take away the points deductions we are one of the worser sides but by no way the worst so far. Nobody makes him play so pragmatically, not playing with a striker. Playing 5 centre backs in a game. He's had a mare and he's not done the job of being an old head to sort us out. I'm glad Chansiri hasn't given him too much time like he did with GM.

So you’re backing DC then? You think the only reason to sack him 10 games in is results? When Pulis has been let down with ridiculous decisions by players and been hampered by the injury list?

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2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:


What's needed right now is Pulis NOT to sign any non-disclosure agreements and to get to the press ASAP and tell us WTF is going on at our club


I've disagreed with you a fair bit recently,  Neil, but you're bang on the testicles right there.

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