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The sooner people realise that the managers (Jos/Monk/Pulis et al) aren't the problem, the better. 


This 'owner' is beyond anything I've ever seen in 43 years. And yes, you can include Dave Allen in that list. 


What an absolutely massive shitshow.

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Just now, nile said:

well put them all in one seperate chansiri out thread instead of a sacking thread where they get hidden, we need to drive him out, success in numbers, he must know he isn’t wanted at our club and us fans need to show that.



I am doing  👍


Owlstalk Shop




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1 minute ago, fatzooma said:

It’s beyond a joke...we are purposely being dragged to nothing for financial gain...tried failed...get out plan to save money

If this is a get out plan I don’t get it.


We’ve appointed and sacked Monk, Beattie, Flahavan, Hughes and Pulis this season. And I’m guessing Trusson and Ellis have gone with Pulis aswell.


How much money have we wasted on those 7 contracts?


And both Monk and Pulis have been sacked after taking 4 points from their last 2 games. The reign of DC gets stranger by the day

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3 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Would love Pulis to come out and tell us exactly what is going on with the club. I bet he is relieved to get out of this shambolic club. 

There will be confidentiality clauses.



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I've backed Chansiri, bar the decision to keep Carlos after Huddersfield.


But this is madness.


Chansiri is a bowel movement of a man.


Not only is he incompetent, but he's stubborn and arrogant with it.


Nobody likes Pulis' style of play, but this season isn't about that.


It's about trying to stay in a division which we're not good enough to be in.


That's a job for the dinosaurs.


We're doomed now to certain relegation.

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Sheffield is becoming the pandemic of the footballing world dying on.its arse.

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7 minutes ago, agentwalker said:

Bet Westwood's a bit miffed, finally gets another manager in the likes him then hes 

The next manager will bin him off. Just in time for the experienced manager after that to bring him back from the cold and give him a new contract. 

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3 minutes ago, Minton said:


So do you think Pulis was playing an acceptable style of football or had gotten acceptable results?

I know this sounds daft, but when we look at what this decision means for the club, Pulis' style of football and even results are irrelevant in a lot of ways.


The key thing is that this is absolutely no way to run a football club - Tony Pulis probably bears about 5% of the responsibility at most for the position we're in.

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Absolutely disgusted with this. Appreciate not everyone liked Pulis's football but he would have sorted us out and probably would have had us as playoff contenders next season if the chairman had backed him. 


Which brings me onto the chairman. Hire and sacking managers all the time, hardly contactable (remember Pulis saying he'd send him an email WTF?) How do they not talk on the phone most days? The chairman has been told some home truths and doesn't like it, very thin skin. This is also very convenient for DC as the longer the manager search goes on the less chance of having to buy some players in January. 


I'm gutted, my lad is at an age where he wants to go and watch them, I've even managed to take some of his school mates and they have shunned Leeds and want to be owls and yet we have to endure this, there just is no end in sight to this clubs underachieving and mismanagement. 


This is the lowest I have felt in a very long time. 

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1 minute ago, Rhubarb n Custard said:

I accept that results were not good but other managers were given significantly more time to adjust. 

It is well documented that Pulis doesn't play free flowing football and with the 'talent' at his disposal this is made virtually impossible.

We did stop shipping goals and was hopeful of making new signings in the Jan window to boost our attacking options. 

Hope this answers your question. 

So who do you want next José? 

Won't make a blind bit of difference who we get. 



It does, neither were acceptable then. So why is Chansiri sacking Pulis ruining the club? 


As for the next manager, as long as they start playing some attacking football I'd be happy. Looking to the up and coming coaches in Germany would be my go-to, but I'd also accept someone like Silva, Flores, hell I'd even be behind Bilic over bloody Pulis.

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27 minutes ago, Bulldog said:

So he still gets away with his "never been relegated" badge. 😄

In all seriousness,  you have to question a clubs motives when their own manager stated  in recent weeks   "aparently these 3 players have been offered a new contract" i.e. its got f*ck all to do with me.

The Nixon story says he wants to resign but can’t afford to. There were enough noises coming out of the Pulis camp about how unhappy he was. 

Now he’s been sacked.How convenient.


Beyond this ridiculous appointment and the manner he backed Monk a week before sacking him, you’ve got to wonder if we can now attract anyone to manage this club. 
Constantly dragging us through the mire, our so called owner has ruined this club. If any fans on here still trust him, they want their heads examining.



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1 minute ago, ponym110 said:

I'm wondering if TP hasnt been a bit clever here and engineered a sacking to get himself out of out club without resigning.  Maybe he felt he had been given false promises and wanted out.

You're speculating that hes set us out so badly he forced the sack? That's a ludicrous suggestion mate. I think he's been shocking for us but I would in no way question his integrity as a professional. He is a gentleman.

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