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11 minutes ago, Ever the pessimist said:

I’ve got it on red button.


Why is that Santos player wearing a foooking swimming cap?

It’s only on now because the snooker finished.

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10 hours ago, punkskaphil said:

Just saw the brief highlights on the BBC website, but it looked to me like the two penalty decisions were correct. The first one it looks like the River player is going down before contact is made (and his left foot is also inexplicably affected at the same moment when the contact - which is minimal to say the least - was to the right foot), and the second one looks like offside. The disallowed goal is difficult to tell what's going on because the BBC's highlights are so edited down so much you can't tell what the whole story is - all you see is that there was an offside at some stage, presumably early in the build-up to the goal.




Just catching up with the River game. What a cracker! That header for the 1st goal was amazing, so powerful


I'm strongly opposed to VAR but I have to say I can see why the decisions were made.


On the "equalising" 3rd goal, in the build-up on the edge of the box an RP player moves into an offside position then comes back to take the ball and play a pass. He cannot do this legally and is therefore offside, regardless of what happens after.


1st penalty: the RP forward is dragging his leg in the hope the defender lunges in. The defender does lunge in and makes contact around the knee area. The penalty is not given because the RP forward is seeking to gain an illegal advantage (cheating) by dragging his leg. The irony is that had he not dragged his leg, the defender's lunge would've brought him down anyway. So the RP tried to con the ref, failed and did himself out of the pen.


2nd penalty: the forward who was brought down (and he was fouled IMHO) was offside in the penalty area when the ball he went after was played back into the box.



Crazy as it was, all 3 decisions were right and justifiable, IMHO. Mind you, I will say it was tricky to spot all the above without a bazillion replays

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Disappointed with Boca. Thought they'd come out flying like River did. But well done Santos. Took their chances well.


And the sending off...............................a first class stamp

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10 hours ago, 442 said:



Could you imagine that happening during the Martin Palermo and Juan Roman Riquelme era? 


Not a chance

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On 14/01/2021 at 15:33, mattitheowl said:

That red card incident was brutal!  You just don't get challenges like that in England any more.


The weird thing is that he was telling to the ref to wait for VAR have a look at it, like he thought it would be overturned.

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