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The Beatles - This footage is unbelievable - why has this never been seen before?


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On 24/12/2020 at 09:21, acquiescefc said:

Not a Beatles fan but the definition in that for the time it is shot is pretty amazing.  Worth a watch in itself.


Not sure what footage theyve got tho, when he says its a montage and literally all seemed to be film of a recording studio antics and a rooftop gig.

If something was shot on decent film, even back in the 60s (and earlier!), chances are it can be better than HD resolution.


The output at the time was only really limited by what people were watching stuff on, which were tiny resolutions.


When you see an only film now that looks bad, it is because they are re-using the version that was outputted for the devices it was to be used on back then. But if you have access to the original film it was shot on and the equipment to transfer it, the details and resolutions you can get are incredible.

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On 06/03/2021 at 14:14, Wing Back said:

That solid rosewood tele is a thing of beauty. 

I've just been admiring the exact same thing. They had some lovely guitars back then though. 

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must say i dont know much about the beatles apart from the songs.  

Its pretty amazing to watch something so Big Brother-esque.

The song writing process is off the scale. 


Great to see everything and not just a series of cut scenes and filler.  Cant believe this is 50+ years old.



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1 hour ago, owler66 said:

20 years today since the death of George Harrison only 58 at the time RIP

The George Harrison tribute concert "Concert for George" is very good. Contributions from many including Paul McCartney,Ringo Starr,Eric Clapton,Tom Petty,Jeff Lynne and others.

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