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Pulis Has Not Resigned

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5 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:

Just seen him in Rotherham bus station with a suitcase... Looks like it could be true.


That was our Roly going home from watching match at our house, he keeps wanting to move back in but our lass is having none of it. lol

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23 minutes ago, WAWAWUTO17 said:

Big rumours on Twitter that he has walked...

Big rumours on Twitter about managers resigning. Karanka, Warburton amongst others. Rumour started by Nixon.

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Just now, HillsboroughOwlNI said:

Jesus, this ad just appeared this thread! Neil, sort your advertising algorithm out!






the advertising is targeted at each individually browser history. 

something you want to tell us ? 

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13 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:


There's big rumours on twitter that I've got a massive hampton.






































I thought you had banned Stubbs from posting on twitter. 

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