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Mirror Exclusive: SWFC players fuming over not being paid in full

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2 minutes ago, ANDY said:


yeah.  There’s column after column in the papers of other clubs players not being paid properly. 

Not sure if it happened but Sunderland were reported to be furloughing their players.



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50 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Don’t care who you are, if you’re not being paid properly it wee wees you off. 

I get annoyed when I get taxed more than I should or I’m put on the wrong tax code.  Straight on the phone to HMRC to get them to sort it. 

If your employer isn’t paying you correctly I’m not surprised players are being half arsed or have resentment towards the club. 

It’s an absolute shambles. 

Bang on the mark. 
its like being on a contract £250 per day but we have a pressing deadline then half way through the boss says actually tighter deadline but I’m dropping you to £150 per day. Is your work commitment/ethic going to be the same?....don’t think so. 

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45 minutes ago, nbupperthongowl said:

Presumably we aren't paying HMRC either....we all remember how that went last time, hours from extinction

We have access to that £8m loan from the PL so you’d have thought we’ll have a few months more before we crash in to the wall

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If supporters aren't receiving the £100 quid or whatever it in refunds, then what hope have players got in receiving thousands and thousands? 

I bet we've had an electric top up card  fitted for the floodlights.

Greenthumbs certainly ain't been looking after the pitch it's in an awful condition.


All joking aside, it's very worrying, it really is. Once, a glitch in the system, but twice!!! nah, not having it.



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This was happening before the pandemic folks. December 2019 the first leak to the press came out.


We were 3rd in the league when we first heard about it. A year on we’re 24th.


Perhaps we should all be a bit more forgiving of what Monk and Pulis have been up against. And maybe when we are quick to call Steve Bruce a snake, we should think about why he made the decision he did. 

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7 minutes ago, flash said:

I’m not saying there isn’t cash flow issues as the pandemic has hit every club, and prior to this DC claims to have invested 350m in to the club so who knows what is left in the pot! 


However what I don’t understand is that if you were that skint would you sack a manager and his coaching staff that you just brought in (latter) considering the compo you’d need to pay? And then replace him with someone who will be on a big wage for a championship manager?   Unless DC genuinely believed that we were playoff candidates once the reduction went to -6 and then brought TP in! 

Whatever the reasons it makes the situation look very grim! What player would want to sign for a club rock bottom of the league and looking destin for relegation, have a manager who plays dinosaur tactics and a chairman who refuses to meet contract obligations!

Maybe this was part of the reason our recruitment was so bad in the summer! 

The compo will be minimal. Very little is paid nowadays outside of the premiership 

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I worry for my club based on recent events. 


1. Season Ticket price increases year on year

2. Selling the stadium ( with a guarantee to some 3rd party loan shark company )

3.Players not being fully paid

4.Crackpot schemes such as 10 year season tickets,  Club 1867, 



Added to which although not directly involved the TUF ( Thai Union Foods Group )

share price has fallen consistently the last 5 years and  now it seems they are teaming up

with companies in Saudi Arabia to halt their cash flow problems.


We have a narcissist madman in charge of us.


From this 




to this






I am expecting this anyday now






I suspect this is coming to a head pretty soon in the new year.  Something has got to give and I am afraid it will be our club's existence.



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Yes, it puts everything into a different light.


We're down.


And frankly, our wage structure now looks third division.


The wastage here has been shocking, with Coco Carvalhal wanting at least 2, sometimes 3 players per position.


A squad of 34 players in total.


What a cupboard front.


No manager has had much to spend since Paddington.


He's spent the lot.

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4 minutes ago, Five Archers said:

Egg came first, dinosaurs laid eggs, chickens wasn’t invented at the time. Had to wait for Colonel Sanders


Dinosaur/egg, Dinosaur/egg ?


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