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It is time.


I just hope this is DC's long term plan because if this is his medium term one, we are f@cked......


Can I suggest a burial at sea??? That way there's nothing to be defaced.......

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Lewis Grabban. (First goal in Eight)

Showed our players what a propper striker does too create a chance... if any of them were paying attention.


I agree, start signing and playing players who are going to make us competive in League One.


Pre season has already started.


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5 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:









It. Is. Over.


It is time to start making preparations for the 3rd division.


There is no point no thinking otherwise.


We must draw up a second list of  potential players...


Good 3rd division players.


Start planning now. Offloading where possible. Shrink the wage bill.


Cast the net far and wide for exciting young, effective players for next season.


We must plan effectivly for it NOW. Not wait around until it happens hoping we crawl clear of the wreckage...


Don't wait. Prepare now













I honestly can't pick one this time. I keep staring at the list of players and can't remember one meaningful positive contribution from anyone. Forest were poor, we were utterly abysmal, again.


I really couldn't believe it would be possible to get any worse after Monk and certainly didn't expect Pulis to make us worse but you can't deny that he has.


We have changed manager because the last manager had an appalling record of 29 points from 32 games and we have somehow managed to get worse than that in both points and performances. 



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1 minute ago, Lord Snooty said:


The original Title had another 'C' word in it.

But after advice , regarding me getting the sack, I changed it!


That's made me smile for the first time this evening!   Indeed the first time for quite a while!  

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