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Moses Odubajo unbelievable

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An absolute disgrace on every level, if they are friends or whatever no excuse for that whatsoever under the current circumstances...


Should be sacked tomorrow, I have paid for a season ticket every year since 97, if my opinion counts for anything I dont want to ever see him wear the shirt again. Does this thick clown have any idea what it means to the fans. Our club is a joke. 

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2 minutes ago, nevthelodgemoorowl said:

Mountains and Molehills the game has gone FFS. We don't need to scape goat him. 

Kinell Nev, are you on the wind up?


You wouldnt mind so much if it was a consolation goal for them but you'd expect anyone playing for us at present to be gutted at conceding owt.

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7 minutes ago, Animis said:

Lees is laid out; potentially injured and this clown is high-fiving the goal scorer - only at Wednesday!


Lees wants laying out , useless donkey , sh.it out of that challenge and got injured doing so 

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30 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Has he seriously just high fives Grabban and laughed as he’s just scored past us?


WTF. This is the bloke who spent all summer saying fans need to be more positive. 


Hw should never play for us again after that.

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Just now, Django said:

Come on he didn’t high 5 and smile. It looked like Grabben was going to run into him and they did a weird hand thingy

Just said similar above. 

Plenty deserving of a scapegoating tonight, for shocking lack of effort, but not him imo

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