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I’ve defended Pulis to the hilt

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Just now, SallyCinnamon said:

But can’t defend him anymore.


How is he carrying on with just one upfront again.


Awful awful awful. And if he thinks the chairman will back him adequately in January I think he’ll be very surprised.


This is the worst Wednesday side I’ve ever seen.

if this is the worst side youve ever seen why you blaming pulis ? ..he hasnt signed any of them 

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 Chansiri has been dry shafted yet again by his “Mate” Paxo into appointing Pathetic Pulis who knows about as much about the modern game as Chansiri knows about running a club.

I won’t be going back to watch his brand of football if they paid me for the privilege the sooner he is gone the better. Do the decent thing you pathetic old turd and walk away, you are a stain on the history of the club.

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40 minutes ago, PEARSON said:

As bad as Monk is I’m confident we’d have done better in the last 8 games with him in charge. We will not win a game playing like this.

Monk had run out of ideas. He had run out of ideas in March before Lockdown One. Then run out of ideas during project restart.


And then, just when you think things can't get any worse DC let's Monk influence our transfer policy during the summer.


Windass was never going to be the answer to our problems. We knew that before the end of last season.


Steve Bruce kept us up last year by loaning us Murphy.


Shambolic transfer window, one again.

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The statistics so far in the 8 games under the new (mis)manager...


                                SHOTS      ON TARGET    GOALS 

WEDNESDAY             45                  15                  4           

OPPONENTS           102                  26                11 


Good job we're not in desperate need of points isn't it?





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34 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

There were loads

I'd bump the thread but would get accused of being anti-pulis by everyone 


There were many fans letting us know we'd be subject to a style we wouldn't enjoy, sure - but virtually all of those same fans were also very confident that we were much more likely to stay up with him in charge.


Without hindsight (not that I think we can legitimately make a decision on whether Pulis will do well for us yet), if our only goal was to stay up this season, the vast majority agreed that Chansiri made the right call from all the available options, regardless of what they thought of his style

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