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  1. 1. Two up top?

    • YES - He's too isolated.
    • NO - We'll get completely over-run in midfield with our tiny , boney players.
    • Only if... we go to a back 3 so we get the twin strike force we crave, but also don't get over-run in midfield, which is our fear with a 4-4-2,. though of course we don't have any wingbacks either, we have somehow managed to build such a random squad that there's not one single system that suit all of them as a group. What a monumental balls up.
    • Meh
  2. 2. All out attack

    • YES - I'd rather lose 5-2 than 2-0. ( and I'm going to conveniently forget the possibility that all out attack could actually be the worst of both worlds and see us lose 5-0, when I say it.)
    • NO- Keep it tight and try and nick them. It's the only way we won't get battered. And besides it's what Carlos did anyway but with much , much better players.

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