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January window - How many signings

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Left back

Holding midfielder who is captain,

Big target man.


Get Penny, Rhodes, Wildsmith, and  Shaw out on Loan.


Cancel , Marriots  loan.


Teach Harris to cross.That would be my list.


Sort the slippy pitch.


Play a 4-4-2. at Home


and 4-5-1 away. 


Be m

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11 minutes ago, swfcAH said:

We need 11, We'll be lucky if we get 3.

This ^ there’s not many in the starting eleven justifying their place at the club right now.  Maybe Windass, but otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise if Pulis or whoever was in charge was thinking a whole new team is needed here.  

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39 minutes ago, BarnsleyOwl96 said:

How many are you expecting in January and what positions ? 

Id say :

x2 strikers 

x1 wide player

x1 full back (maybe even 2)


Would tend to agree with your appraisal here but my worry is the chairman. I don't think he will back TP in the market to bring in the level of quality that'll be needed to rejuvenate this squad.

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There's no denying, we'd all want five or six new players.


But it's simply not going to happen.


I think Pulis will be prioritising:


- a left back

- a forward that can play the lone forward role

- a winger that looks to score goals


And then, if there's anything left or an opportunity come up


- a holding midfielder that can pass the ball.


But, the first three positions are an absolute must. 

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If we can get a starting 11 of






Palmer (don’t think we will sign anyone better) could Paterson play at rb? 









likes of Harris / shaw/ kachunga/ brown all off the bench , 


think it gives us a fighting chance of staying up 

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