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Wednesday - V - Barnsley OMDT

Will tomorrow ....  

275 members have voted

  1. 1. ....be TP's first win

    • YES
    • No
  2. 2. Does TP look like a man finding out things he didn't know before

    • YES- He looks shocked
    • No- I'm sure he was aware what he was coming into.

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Just now, Beauchief Owl said:

TBF a sizable percentage also said ..........but not if you appoint Pulis.


Yeah, a loads were backing the appointment too. Bet they feel silly now. 


Real problem at this club as and always has been DC anyway. I don't have any hope for us until he's gone. 

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:


That Tom Lees thing sums up our season

Defender plays it to him 

He tries to kick it down the line

Instead is just goes  straight out due to Lees miscontrolling a simple ball

He turns and shouts at his colleagues 







You could hear what Lees shouted on the mics - "I don't f*cking want it, don't give it to me!"

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Just not bothered...

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2 minutes ago, Owlstastic said:

Bannan cannot shoot to save his life can he? His corners are better. lol

Can you remember when we first got Carvalhal and we kept shooting all the time and it just used to go in? good times.

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2 minutes ago, s6 owl said:

Why the f**k have we offered Tom Lees a new contract, how on earth is he classed as an important player for us FFS.

Hes a good solid defender. If we weren't completely devoid of technical porifiency in the middle and up top we wouldn't put him under anywhere near as much pressure in possession. 

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