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Wednesday - V - Barnsley OMDT

Will tomorrow ....  

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  1. 1. ....be TP's first win

    • YES
    • No
  2. 2. Does TP look like a man finding out things he didn't know before

    • YES- He looks shocked
    • No- I'm sure he was aware what he was coming into.

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1 minute ago, Marro said:

I know you don’t have a divine right to win football matches but this is Barnsley.  If I was Pulis I would throw tea cups and grab a few Wednesday players by the throat in the dressing room

The players are just playing the way they were told to play. No one in the squad can play to their potential playing anti-football. I wish the club went for Ryan Lowe and told him to just go for it and assure him job security for League One if it wasn't enough. We're going down regardless.

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1 minute ago, cain said:

The players are sh ite.....the manager is past it.....and the owner is an idiot who has totally ruined the club

We will always have cakeball though.

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Guest Bulgaria

Absolute dog dirt this.


I am totally blaming Pulis for these performances. His tactics are insane.


Boot it up top, hope Windass wins it and then hope for the best.

I've no doubt whatsoever that the players are as annoyed as us fans.


As SiJ, said, it's worse than watching Monks tactics.


Just change your formation Pulis you stuborn old fart!

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Round pegs round holes.


Can someone explain how we will gain any ground in the final third when we are just lumping into to Windass?


We are playing long ball with no target man it’s absolutely unbelievable.


Being completely sniffed out - when we have actually got the ball on the floor, we’ve put some plays together and the flanks - but we continue to hit it long straight down the middle and they’ve lapped it up.


TP is taking us down

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1 minute ago, GLOwl said:

If Reach didn’t nesh tackles we’d still be winning. Absolute f4nny!

One if the daftest comments I’ve seen on here in a long time.  This team is dire, Reach is one of the only players likely to create / score a goal.

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