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OFFICIAL. Donald Trump is a Wednesday fan

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4 minutes ago, Kopparberg said:

“They did a lot of drawing


a lot of losing 


I call them losers 


that’s what they are. 

Their chairman is a great man 


a fantastic man 

He spent a lot of money


He lost a lot of money 


Bigly amount of money.

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Against Huddersfield we put out a team consisting entirely of “Trump Steaks.” We are in his image......although we’re more yellow than orange.

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I've heard really great things about them. They're great at not having shots at the goal. Really great. Probably the greatest at not having having shots at the goal in history. Apart from me. I know more about not having shots at the goal than anyone. Ask anyone. Apart from maybe Tony Pullis. But these guys are great. 

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We only went down because the points total was the biggliest amount ever. Numbers that nobody ever thought possible. Nobody had ever seen anything like it.


I have people come up to me and asking how I got the points deduction from the FA reduced. I tell them to read my book, the art of the deal. The greatest book ever written. Some idiots think it was Chansiri who got the points deduction reduced. They're wrong it's just fake news created by the fake media. Them Dems have been trying to stop us from getting promoted to the premier league for years. It's all written in crooked Hilary's e-mails, but noooo, they won't show you those...

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