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Huddersfield - V - Wednesday OMDT

Big Dom...  

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  1. 1. ....a future in midfield?

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1 minute ago, Adem Poric said:

Pass the ball to one of their players when Reach is in space then fall over.


Classic Kachunga

At least he’s only on a one year contract. Next best thing to not signing him at all.

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Feel sorry for the bloke that has to go round picking up all the chewing gum wads thrown down by Pulis..........


He must have gone through about 10 packs tonight.

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Absolute dinosaur who’s past his sell by date. 2 nil down, 1 striker up top. Centre backs at full back. Right footed players at left back. They can’t play in their natural positions, let alone foreign ones.


Mr Tuna needs to act decisively & send him packing tonight. I’d have gained more points in charge over these last few games.


Complete sh*t show of a club.

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2 minutes ago, SiJ said:

Tbf, this is a man who grinded out a nil nil draw at Villa Park a few years ago when at Boro. 


One of the finest defensive displays I've ever seen.


The only issue was Boro were one nil down from the first leg and went out.


Still - it was truly something to watch.




I think Jos’s team was more entertaining to watch. This has been woeful. 

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Just now, cain said:

I started watching Wednesday in 1973 and I can assure you I’ve seen some garbage.....But this is right up there with the worst of it


I think that's unfair mate

It only looks bad because we can't pass, haven't had a shot on target and keep losing games

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Owlstalk Shop




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Well I have the game on the iPad but pretty much stopped watching after about 60 minutes.  The interest has pretty much drained away, not sure if I can face watching Barnsley game, might go watch a National League game, expect I’ll enjoy it more.

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