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Huddersfield - V - Wednesday OMDT

Big Dom...  

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Just now, Watto said:

Why are you lot still watching ?

I have put SSN news on , at least there's other matches to watch ......Wednesday are dead and buried , they were after the 1st goal was conceded 

Went for a walk after the second.

So dozey, no effort. never felt like that since early 60s when I became hooked.


I'll stick up for them when the passion and effort is there, but nonight they can fick oaf.


We laugh at the pigs but they at least give 100%.

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Just now, Daz said:

We played with energy and desire on Saturday, while tonight could not be more opposite. Nobody looks like they are fighting relegation, we simply rolled over from the first kick of the game. These players should be ashamed of themselves if they think this is acceptable. The games will start running out and none seem to be playing with pride. How can it change so quickly since Saturday?

Can only put in that effort for so long before players wear down, you need quality as well which we have little of.

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Had enough now! Pulis is just as bad as Monk. Still only one striker and been two down since the 20th minute. Absolute crap. Monk’s recruitment was absolutely appalling!!

100% we will be relegated this season.

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:



"As if it would affect the players!! I've not seen any evidence of that" said a few today when talking about the newspaper article saying our players are not getting paid on time

I bet Paxo gets paid on time. 


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Just now, Adem Poric said:

That shot from Bannan shouldn’t even count. Woeful

The referee should have blown his whistle and waved his arms shouting "no no no... we need to erase that one from the football records and pretend that never happened"





Owlstalk Shop




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