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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Wildsmith
    • Palmer
    • Van Aken
    • Luongo
    • Lees
    • Borner
    • Harris
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Shaw . Lol
    • Reach
    • Odubajo
    • Pelupessy
    • Iorfa
    • Kachunga

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7 hours ago, Dan™ said:


He's really underrated as a footballer on here because he does admittedly make some rash decisions at times which cost him. He can be a risk inside his own box, but he's full of running and probably one of our most competent players with the ball at his feet. Lightning fast too, so a great option to have when playing on the counter.


He has zero goals and zero assists........ 

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Both goalkeepers (Wildsmith and Reach) outstanding. Everyone put in a shift, very difficult to single anyone out. All round wonderful, if at times fortunate, defensive performance. Resolute is the word, I reckon.

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Wildsmith   -    7.5    Some good saves , one of them outstanding , but his weakness is crosses , too often looks frozen to his line , think it was injury time before he came and claimed one.


Palmer    -    4    Not for the first time (or probably last) had his limitations exposed.

Lees    -    7.5    -   Couple of club footed moments but otherwise stuck to his task manfully.

Borner    -    8    -    Just shaded MOM for me , playing very well after his early season dip under Monk.

Van Aken    -    5    Desperately limited player , the one thing he had going for him was his distribution but even that has disappeared.


Harris    -    7    Little end product but worked his nads off......2nd half in particular.

Luongo    -    7    Another solid game.....we will miss him on Saturday.

Bannan    -    5    Correct decison to replace him as he was struggling after picking up that knock.

Shaw    -    4    Felt a bit sorry for him TBH..... football is becoming like hockey for all the stoppages , virtually every challenge results in a free kick these days but his challenge WAS rash in todays climate and lets hope he learns from it...........however some of the  "moron" "idiot" comments on here are OTT.

Reach    -    7    Good first half , peach of a cross for goal , worked very hard throughout , but  seemed to swap his left foot for a toblerone at half time.


Paterson    -    7    A real conundrum of a player..... the type of player who is very handy to have around and has a great attitude but will inevitably disappoint sometimes with a lack of quality...................not that he`s on his own in that department :biggrin:


Iorfa    -    7    Came on and slotted in well

Odubajo    -    6.5     Got very lucky with penalty but put a shift in

Pelupessy    -    5    Cant believe some posters saying how well he did , but hey ho all about opinions , for me he just backpeddled mostly and did a fair impression of the invisible man.




Difficult to judge as the red card ruined the game , and watching our technical shortcomings is really embarrassing at times but we at least seem to have some cajones now , so something to build on..............really important January for recruitment coming up.

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Wildsmith - 8 - Man of the Match - Superb performance. One outrageous save, and two or three really positive moments where he diverted danger away with real purpose.


Palmer - 5 - Had a torrid time in the 1st half up against their full back Richards. He's probably still dizzy now. Correctly dragged off at HT.


Lees - 7 - Good rearguard display, and stood strong against a barrage of probing attacks. Couple of needless fouls, due to a bit of naivety, but on the whole, a more than decent performance.


Borner - 8 - Another committed display, where his strengths were seen in full. Had to defend on a far more technical basis than he has had to recently, but stood up to Reading's intricate style of play. Superb header over the bar late on.


Van Aken - 6 - Fairly quiet first half display, but never really looked in too much trouble. Suspect he was dragged off for tactical reasons rather than performance related.


Shaw - 4 - Started slowly, gave the ball away in a dangerous position early on, and never seemed to settle down in the game. I can understand the reasons why people say you can't tackle like that these days...but doesn't make it right. It was a strong, perfectly fair tackle. The art of tackling is now obsolete if that's a red card, and is accepted as so. 


Luongo - 7 - Performed a thankless task in the middle, and kept going despite running on empty. Has to improve his composure on the ball though....one of the main reasons why we constantly struggle to settle things down...too often Luongo fails to put his foot on the ball and try to grasp an element of control.


Bannan - 6 - Struggled to impact the game in the 1st half, but without him, we have nobody with the wherewithal to dictate the pace of play.


Harris - 7 - Couple of threatening moments in the 1st half, and started the counter attack by picking up the loose ball and setting Reach away early. Worked hard to try and give us an outlet in 2nd half, but was swimming against the tide.


Paterson - 7 - Took his goal well, and looked like he was going to cause Reading problems. Dropped back in the 2nd half, and showed his qualities by putting in a real shift.


Reach - 7 - Superb cross for Paterson's goal...that's what we need to see from Reach on a consistent basis. Stood up to the task in the 2nd half at left back, and put in a good defensive display. Unbelievable clearance off the line in the 1st half also.


Pelupessy - 6 - Have a say, I cant say I really noticed him. But, provided that protection in midfield, and was part of a stubborn defensive display.


Iorfa - 7 - Came into the centre of defence and looked at ease. Key header late on when Joao was lurking.


Odubajo - 7 - Defended the threat of Richards far better than Palmer. On another day, may have given a penalty away (it was six of one, and half a dozen of the other) straight after the break, but after that scare, really nullified the threat down Reading's left flank.

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10 hours ago, Onge said:



That assist.


That clearance on the line.


That handball.

Very true only thing he didn’t win was the tackle of the game that goes to Shaw. Brilliant tackle never been a foul never mind a red 

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11 hours ago, Owly Mowly said:

Borner is giving his life and soul for the team and the passion he shows when there is a valiant piece of defending is great.

But you can tell in such a short space of time with Pulis that they all know where they should be and when 

And what about that booklet Iorfa had to read before he came on!!!!

I thought that he was trying to select a wallpaper pattern for his house.

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14 hours ago, Lord Snooty said:


After everything that has gone on. The changes. The losses to the other bottom 3 sides. 

The mentality could have been on it's 'arris. And we've seen time and again over the previous 18 months with the number of goals we've conceded after the 90th minute that it was....


...so to see this level of resilience , determination. Fight and fire. I'm delighted. Because I wasn't sure these lads as a group could turn around that collective fear that had cast shadow over them for so long. 



There was a period under Gray where if we went one nil up with 30 minutes to go it was nailed on we wouldn't concede...the defending last night felt like that. What we need now is someone to start putting the ball in the net on a regular basis...

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22 hours ago, Owly Mowly said:

Borner is giving his life and soul for the team and the passion he shows when there is a valiant piece of defending is great.

But you can tell in such a short space of time with Pulis that they all know where they should be and when 

And what about that booklet Iorfa had to read before he came on!!!!

'You can't come on till you've read it. What? You haven't read it? Bugger, we'll have to wait till half-time

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