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4 hours ago, latemodelchild said:

Cheating, diving shithouses to a man. So glad the ref missed Reach's save cos for me 2 of their pen claims were cases of their players pulling ours onto them to initiate contact. Borners would have been given with var, was the same as pigs v Fulham and the one in liverpools game the other week. No intent in any of those 3 but pens all the same it seems. 


The ref was bad for both sides. The free kick for their goal was out and out simulation. Awful awful performance from the officials last night which fir once we profitted from. 

This^^^ 100%.

Every thing I hate about modern football.

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I liked them. I didn't they play acted any more than any team. How come our fans think we're the only team that don't?


Their manager seems like a good sort and likes to play entertaining skilful stuff. Where did he come from? When they appointed him were the fans expected to have been the ones to recommend him?  After all if you want to sack someone we all know you must have the ideal candidate in your head otherwise your opinion is worthless. 

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21 hours ago, Freshfish said:

About ...erm ...light years ahead of us in terms of agility, pace, thought and skills...but it won’t get them out of this division.

Indeed they were, fast, clever, young - a bit like the Brentford model.  We are way behind - a bit analogue to their digital.  But still 1-1, and it's 11 v 11 so not too downhearted, but I still don't see us emulating their model - would the supporters stand for it?

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Never liked Reading, the fact they probably should have had 2 penalties not awarded, makes me smile.


Plastic club.

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