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8 minutes ago, Emerson Thome said:

This hasn't happened in a while....


Who was the best? Who was the worst? Anyone's favourite memories of an an outfield player in goal? Any others that I'm missing? (Don't say Ola Tidman)




just how much of a fatty was the original owner of this Jersey 🤣


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Ah - nice one, yeah, for the last 7 minutes:




Matches David Hirst's achievement of scoring a goal and keeping a clean sheet. (Although if its only a few minutes does it count as a sheet. Clean pillow cover?)

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5 minutes ago, Bearwood Owl1 said:

I'm fairly sure that I saw Vinnie Jones in goal for the opposition at Hillsborough in the late 80s/early90s. Maybe for Chelsea?



Thingy got sent off after a kerfuffle with Worthington who also got sent off.


3-0 to Wednesday I think.

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24 minutes ago, Lime Tree Heros said:

Lee Bullen vs Millwall away a few years back, went in the net before HT IIRC, somehow kept a clean sheet and we won 1-0 with a runaway Frankie Simek goal scored while Millwall players were celebrating their own disallowed goal 😂


Unreal scenes, we had about 6 players v 2 defending and it still only went in because Simek scuffed it. 



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Only one stand out performance for me. 

Dec 1963 top division v Blackpool at Hillsborough.  

Ron Springett, arguably our best ever keeper, pulls up after taking a goalkick on about 20 minutes.  

No substitutes allowed.  Bronco Layne, our main scorer, goes in goal and we play for 70 minutes with ten men. 

Some brilliant defensive work means Bronco hardly has a shot to save, even though they have 3 England internationals up front.   Ray Charnley, Parry and Alan Ball.   We cling on and eight minutes from time, Eddie Holiday scores to give us a 1-0 win.

One of the best battling performances I've ever seen from us.


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