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Wednesday - V - Reading OMDT

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Just now, dontCallMeOwlCallYou said:

Strange init, people saying red all day. Its like when Marco Matais got sent off at Birmingham a few years back. The only people saying that was defo a red were Wednesday fans. That one got overtuned. 


That was never a stone wall red and will be appealed. Its 50/50 if it stands. Yes studs were showing but he barely if even touches the other lad. Its a dive and not a red for me. The rule people are quoting is ambiguous to say the least. 

I certainly don't think he dived

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Just now, doubled123456 said:

5 reds in 9 games. His today was a straight red. No excuse.

What has 5 reds in 9 games got to do with what I posted 

I’m talking about not crucifying a young kid for a rash tackle 

there’s not a player out there who hasn’t made a rash decision when they first started it’s how they learn 

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