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Wednesday - V - Reading OMDT

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2 minutes ago, whowantstoberich said:

Stupid boy shaw. That’s a red all day, why make that kind of a tackle? Absolute no need idiot 

Cos then he's going to get, not trying hard enough..waste of a shirt...lounging about etc etc etc.

Nothing at all dangerous with the tackle , yellow at max. In fact it was a fair strong challenge...the sort of challenge some say we don't do enough of.

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A familiar reckless challenge on the halfway line, Shaw has obviously spent too much time with Hutchinson in the U23s.


Hopefully we train with ten players as our Plan B in training.

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2 minutes ago, hopevalleyowl said:



10 years ago that would a legitimate tackle, it used to be the case that if you took the ball the man was irrelevant 

Not any more. Let's be fair we don't want to see anyone's leg snapped in two.


Feel sorry for Shaw though. No one's going to get away with that challenge in the championship, especially if it's a televised game.


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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:



Pulis pulled Shaw off the pitch the other day saying he was a naive youngster who could get himself sent off through a naive tackle

Then starts him next game 

And Shaw gets himself sent off for a naive reckless tackle




Spot on, very poor from Pulis when brown is available. Surely brown should’ve started, better player than shaw and takes the game to the opposition   Maybe that’s the problem with him from pulis’s point of view?

Shaw needs to grow up big time, gave the ball away too much and one of them is what resulted in that horrendous challenge.

Pulis should have changed things well before reading scored though! Again, that is poor from him as it was all one way traffic.

Sadly I can see us losing 3 or 4-1.

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