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7 minutes ago, ArmchairOwl said:

Propper mullet that

Maybe a Mullet might give Paterson the edge we need in front of goal, especially if he keeps that tache...

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Carl Shutt. Appeared in a puff of smoke October 1985. Disappeared in a puff of smoke October 1986. As remarkable as Warhursts story, but no one recorded it. Not a converted striker, already a striker. A golden run, a golden semi final goal. Right at the top of it all in 85-86. Would be worth £30m today just for that 12 months. And just as Wednesday is as Wednesday does, he vanished, only remembered by those there standing by the deep sink holes dug in the uncovered Kop on a spring night, mourning the defeat to Everton taking comfort in his goal spree. No legacy, no marking of his time, no sale figure to boost the coffers....just memories. Thanks for those memories Carl, wherever you may be, just for a moment we had Everton. You set a frozen winter in 1986 on fire.

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My niece who was dating a player at the time used to go and watch the reserves.  She told me to look at for a player who was scoring goals for fun as he was destined for the first team.  Step forward CS.  Also worked with his dad who just happened to be sat in front of us at Villa Park when he equalised v Everton in the SF.  Very proud moment for him.  Didn't realise it was such a short time with us.  

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"nobody told me there would be days like these!"

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