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Selling SWFC programme collection

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Firstly  you need to list some of them

Also a  photo of the collection would be essential to get people interested

Finally a price 

Those three and you'll stand a chance

Just saying 'got some programmes - anyone want to buy them?' is like saying 'I've got a car do you want to buy it?'


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5 hours ago, bluemonday said:

I'm parting ways with collection of 170+ SWFC programmes. They're a range from 1960s-now. What's the best way to advertise these? Is anyone here interested?

Hi Mate. I sell all sorts of stuff on a range of platforms and as Owlstalk admin highlights details are key. 
Steps to take:

1) Catalog the collection- boring but essential. You will also need to record the condition. Have they got writing on, are they ripped etc. 

2) Photos are key. Spread a few of the older ones out, take some nice photos. 
3) Research- you are not the first person to sell programs. Look up what they have sold for before. Then, Set a price 
4) Find your platform- there is Ebay, Shpock, Gumtree (e-commerce), Facebook, Twitter, Owlstalk etc etc. I use eBay if I’m selling stuff nationally or Gumtree for local. The Facebook Owls page would be good. Or if you can’t be arsed, find a dealer. They will give you buttons for them but it saves you a load of hassle. 
5) Decide what you want out of it- are you trying to raise money by selling a much loved collection or trying to get them out of the house before the wife sets fire to them? If it’s the former it will take time to get full value from them. If it’s the latter then just try to find them a good home and someone who will love them. 

Just as some examples, my Dad wanted to to the same with his programms. I told him he needed to catalog them so he he immediately put them in a box and stuck them in the loft! My sons had a bunch of out of date computer games. They cataloged them, listed them on eBay, found out some were collectible, separated those out to sell separately, got in a load of padded envelopes spent a weekend doing it and raised £270 of profits (sales less costs). 


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Thanks everyone for the advice. I don't have time to list them individually - just would like them to go to another Wednesday's fan/collector and maybe get a few quid for them.


They're generally in good condition but I am guessing there will be some folds, creases, tears and writing.


1966/67 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)

1976/77 x1

1980/81 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)
1984/85 x2

1986/87 x5

1987/88 x3

1988/89 x3

1989/90 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)

1990/91 x8 (includes league cup final)

1991/92 x33 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)

1992/93 x21(includes semi final; league cup final)

1993/94 x1 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)
1994/95 x2
1996/97 x3
1997/98 x14
1998/99 x13
1999/00 x11
2000/01 x1 (includes David Hirst testimonial)
2001/02 x9 (includes Sweden pre season)
2002/03 x4 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)
2003/04 x7
2004/05 x6 (includes Dundee pre season, Football Masters, play off final)
2005/06 x2
2006/07 x4
2007/08 x2 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)
2008-09 x3
2009/10 x2 (includes vs Sheffield United FC)
2010/11 x2
2011/12 x3 (includes vs Sheffield United FC, commemorative edition)
2012/13 x1

2015/16 x1 (includes play off final)


and a couple more I've found since making the photo and the list.

Plus there is a fanzine, autographs and cuttings.


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