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Iorfa as Emergency Striker?

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No. Specialist position. 
All about movement. And bringing others into the game. Not the way we play. Our strikers are isolated enough. 

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30 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

When fit?


Mentioned this before. What do you reckon?

Good lateral thinking. But in reality if you use Fletcher as a reasonable benchmark to be a good target man in this league and think of big Doms touch, link up play 😄, positional play, finishing etc. I think its a bit if an ask.

Hes got pace.

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Just now, Lombardo said:

You remember Warhurst as if it was yesterday......


I do Mark, he stepped in when we had a striker shortage and was brilliant. Had the same attributes as Iorfa. They could be twins. Almost.

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1 minute ago, theowlsman said:

No vision some people.


*Takes ball home*


Up yer bums.

Warhurst was one of my favourite players growing up. But he wasn't our best defender at the time. 

We do need a target man.

I can see Wickham coming back in that role.

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2 minutes ago, morganowl said:

heading ability? how many goals has he scored for us with his head? remember his 1st game away at rotherham since then?


Whoa, hold on Kimo Sabee, we’ve moved on to Bannan now.

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