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Swansea boss Steve Cooper says of their goal being disallowed : "it's personal"

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1 hour ago, vulva said:

Fair point but if you make comments like that as a manager, then you deserve a bit of ridicule. And his Dad was a top ref, so he really should know better. 

The temptation is surely there, but in my opinion it achieves nothing positive and only has the potential to cause harm to someone over something quite unimportant to the point he was making. 

Ridiculing the idea is essential in this case though, he’s always been a bit of a moany badger. 

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Wonder what Cooper would have had to say had he faced that ludicrous decision made by the officials  in South Wales last year, when Flint was allowed to star jump in an offside position , in line of the keeper's sight and yet the goal was allowed to stand, thereby robbing s of two points.

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4 hours ago, Rogerwyldesmullet said:

Overcrowding the 6 yard box - against Covid rules - foul somewhere is inevitable. 
Dangha should have been off if we are being picky. 

Thanks, I was wondering why JVA was social distancing to allow Ayew to score, he was complying with Covid rules then.

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2 hours ago, Binky Griptite said:

In other news heres Ayews position compared to the high foot:




And heres Ayew holding his head in pain at the 'contact' which he miraculously recovers from to commence the aforementioned windmilling





Yep and there's Shaw on the floor near post after getting fouled by their number 4.

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8 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

Screenshot 2020-11-26 at 06.59.01.jpg


“Apparently it was a foul on the goalkeeper that he blew the whistle for. Good luck in writing about that one, whatever it was,” said Cooper in the moments after the match.


“But it was a performance I predicted from the official and one that I spoke to the governing body about a few days ago. My prediction was right.


“One thing was for sure, that, whatever the decision was, it was not going to us. It's personal unfortunately.”

If that's his face, what on earth does his scrotum look like?


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