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Swansea City vs. Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

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Very good point that! I'd have taken that result before kick off, just makes it disappointing after goin one up. Good performance to be fair though, won't lost many playing like that, just won't win many either unless we start scoring more 

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Rightly disallowed. Paterson didn’t make contact with Ayew and he was holding his head like he had been booted! Then Ayew handballs it trying to scramble it over the line. 

All in all a good performance. More organised and for once all players seemed to know their jobs and roles. It’s a point away at a very good team at this level.

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Little things starting to go our way. That disallowed goal. The points deduction reduction. A manager with a cap.


Was excellent to see Pulis getting at the fourth official as well. 

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Big improvement.


We're not going to move up the table playing these sorts of sides.


OK, we know van Aken's not good enough, but that's not Pulis' fault.


We'd have taken a point from this sort of fixture 3 years ago when we were going for promotion.


I feel much better about this club than I've felt for a while after that performance.

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