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Swansea City vs. Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

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Thanks Snoots, good point on the manger debut bit as well. I'm hoping for a 0-1 win or 1-1 draw, but I think we might lose. Sod it I'm pushing the boat out and going for a 1-2 win.🦉

"The trouble with "lessons from history" is that we usually read them best after falling flat on our chins."   


"Girls are simply wonderful. Just to stand on a corner and watch them go past is delightful. They don't walk. At least not what we do when we walk. I don't know how to describe it, but it's much more complex and utterly delightful. They don't move just their feet; everything moves and in different directions . . . and all of it graceful."  Starship Troopers, Amen!        

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2 hours ago, A E Neuman NYowl said:

Tough game tonite, Swansea look a decent team


We are so short of quality and numbers that I don't think we can afford to go with an expansive style. 


I would probably go something like this with the players that are available, with the remit of the 4 forward midfield players including Bannan getting in the box supporting Rhodes.





Palmer.                    Lees.                            Borner.              Penney




Harris.                      Paterson.                  Bannan.                Reach



Wide pitch!


Im interested to see if it’s JVA again or Penney.


The Defence did very well. Especially against 11 men. However, JVA looked pretty scary.


I wonder if he’ll keep faith as it did well, and fancy Joost’s long throws and significant extra height.

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