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Swansea City vs. Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:


He is NEVER EVER lazy


I'll give you not lazy, but there are occasions every so often when he just doesn't get into the game - not the same as lazy.    It's like sometimes he just gets everything wrong - then on that occasion you are scared he is going to do one of those 5 metre sliding tackles that you normally think is going to get him sent off!

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1 minute ago, SallyCinnamon said:

Believe in Pulis. That half showed what is capable with this squad. We have some decent players.


Top performance so far against a good side. Luongo, Bannan, Reach, Paterson controlled the midfield! 


Agree, we are not a team that is going to score lots of goals this season so Pulis mentality of being hard to beat and good structure in games like these will get us something.

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Just now, McRightSide said:

Yes he does - he works damn hard every game


Problem is when going badly he tries to do even more and does nowt well



Thats the point i tried to make to him he can say he has poor games as he does but as you say he works damn hard 


But that guy doesn't rate BB so no matter what he'll disagree

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I read some people saying Paterson was garbage the other day. He is getting better and better. We don't have many players you can give the ball to under pressure, he is one of them. 

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