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9 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:






It's like people just sit waiting to press 'send' on the Bannan criticisms

Soon as the ref blows his whistle they're off



Can you explain what he was doing with his corners ?  I won't criticise his play generally but his corners were dreadful.. There were 4 that their front man kicked away.

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4 minutes ago, Owls-Fan said:

What was the possession stat before we went down to 10 men?


and I seem to remember under monk we had Luongo sent off at a similar time against Blackburn and lost 5-0 at home.   

Sssh the anti-Pulis mob won’t want to hear rational like that.  Much better to “have a go” and get thrashed than try and stay in the game.  

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1 minute ago, slow83 said:

Amazing that after 45 games people were saying ‘give Monk a chance’, ‘he needs his own staff’, ‘there are bad eggs in the team and he needs to sign his own players’ etc


Yet Pulis, who was not my first choice either, but nonetheless has had to pick up Monks absolutely insane formation and signings loses his first game 1-0 playoff by with 10 men and people are suicidal.


Monk would’ve lost that too so we’re in no worse a position.


The answer was sack Monk in March after the terrible pre lockdown form and the icing on the cake of the Brentford defeat.

Sure thing.


when we lost the game due to a goalkeeping error by our goalkeeper. A goalkeeper who the manager decided to play despite being out 5th choice goalkeeper, 36 years old and hasn’t trained with the team for a year.


thats the managers fault whichever way you cut it.

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Creativity is a bit of a nice to have, and we're a million miles away from having any of that.


If you don't have creativity, you'd better have intensity...still lacking.


If you have neither of those then you need brilliant randomness to go your way.


None of the above but have a solid(ish) defence? Relegation. SImple.

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We always lose to Preston.


Even when we're going for promotion with a side full of quality, we always lose to Preston.


It's the way of things.


Prior to the appointment of Pulis, there were two schools of thought:


(a) we are a decent side and it was all Monk's fault


(b) we're a bob side and it will be a struggle for any manager


I believed it is (b) which is why I wanted Monk out and Pulis in.


Because there are only a handful of managers capable of keeping this stinking midden of a team in the division, and Pulis is one of them.


This isn't his team and you can't judge him on one game.


One thing's for sure, he'll be a lot clearer about this outfit than he was three hours ago.


The quality's been flogged off and we're down to the bare bones.

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2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



Under Monk we used to have shots on target

How many did we have today Jim?


(BTW - we had 25% possession overall - lower than ANY game under Monk)



But Windass f**ked  up the game plan Neil. Straight away he had to push Paterson up top despite not thinking he’s a forward.


Luongo will be a big player for us. Borner will be a better player for having Westwood in goal. He’ll soon realise he can’t rely on Odubajo and Reach and he’ll soon sort us out, of that I am sure but as I disagreed with the Monk lovers, some will disagree with me on this. Let’s see where we are at Christmas.

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1 minute ago, Willow Owl said:

That’s rubbish, he’s been in charge for five days and inherited that bag of turd.

Inherited a team that had broken the record for most points in a week and had beaten the league favourites for promotion.

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Did anyone notice that the old bloke, the new coach, who looked cold in training, the one that needed a hat, scarf, and gloves, had brought a flask with him and pack-up?


Looks like his Mrs sent him out with home made scones too.


At least he can sit by the fire to warm up a bit later. Get a nice cup of tea and a piece of Victoria sponge. 

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2 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:


There were some very positive signs today.


You could sense, for example, the calm across our defence now Westy’s back.


Yep......................................he was very calm......................

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