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This team...


Wycombe can’t buy a win, we oblige


PNE can’t win at home, here you go lads...


WTF was windass doing?! How many reds is that now in less than half a season? 


Once we are a goal down we are finished. 

Pulis is going to need to pull some deals out the ether in January if we are to score goals and stay up. 

He could try playing Izzy Brown though too.

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We're very poor.  Very very poor.  Individually and as a unit.  I'm starting to think the best thing that could happen is relegation and an actual rebuild from top to bottom.  With a proper long term plan.  I'd rather see us sending out the kids to play and letting them develop, than watch the current lot.  We're likely to go down either way.  

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Just now, Owls-Fan said:

Think that confirms we have some really sh*te players now and it will take a miracle to stay up. 



I don't think it will take a miracle. We're still very much in touch with the teams above us.


Pulis will at least have got a better idea of the players in competitive action and should learn a few lessons from today.

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1 minute ago, WalthamOwl said:

How poor was Bannan today. Very is the answer. Same for Moses. Useless player 

Yes I’d love to know what Bannan is thinking.  Quite ironic that he previously moaned about Pulis not playing him,  he’s lucky to be in our side now too.  

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Thought Windass was doing OK before he got himself sent off. From then on, it was always going to be backs against the wall.


I thought Westwood slipped, which forced him to punch that ball rather than catch it. Probably was a mistake by him but by no means a howler.


Thought Bannan was poor. Centre halves played well and thought JVA did OK in the first half. All that said, not sure you can read too much into the game given we played 70+ minutes with 10 men.

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Post Match Reaction


Westwood was poor.


Paterson ran about a bit.


Rhodes did some work...with his thumbs.


Bannan should have got sent off for abusive corners


Palmer fell over their player in the penalty area.


Windass thought he was auditioning for a chorus line and showed how high he can kick.


The ref got 2 decisions right all game blowing for kick off in both halves.

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- Monk signed a load of rubbish players, who are also underperforming.

-As above, we have few striking options despite that being our problem for a year.

- Westwood is going to be like a top new signing after a bizarre year without playing.

- We will survive this season under Pulis, but I would rather Nigel Pearson take over in the summer.

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