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Preston NE - V - Wednesday omdt

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3 minutes ago, WhiteOwl91 said:

Football probably one of the only places where you can not do the job for 12 months and get absolutely slaughtered at a mistake when you’re back.


Outfield players like strikers get leeway if they miss chances, get up to match fitness etc


Keepers get slaughtered, suppose because mistakes generally lead to a goal.







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Just now, airborne_rat_of_s6 said:

Out of interest. Anyone else getting pop up ads with some bloke giving a goat a short back and sides on it’s one handled bagpipe? Neil will happily take down paying customer’s posts on OT but not advertisers content. This club! This site 😂



Ads are based on  what you've been searching for on the internet

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Owlstalk Shop




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27 minutes ago, TheEnchanter said:

Frustrating because that red changed the game. If we had 11 v 11 we might be able to win. As it stands a win would be a minor miracle and a draw would be a great result. 


Anyone know the last time we went down to 10 men with the game level and we won the game? 


Remember the "we've only got 10 men" chants away in the Bournemouth sunshine a few years ago, that was  a great win with only 10 men.

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1 minute ago, gurujuan said:

and we’re getting to see what he has to offer


Well we're getting to see what he has to offer with 10 men at a ground we dont usually win at with 11 men.


I'm not going to be that premature Guru.

He's hardly been in the door.


I'll let him get rid of some of these oafs in January and take it from there.

If we can find any takers of course. Which we probably won't.

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Just now, horny owl said:

It’s not just Westwood but modern goal keepers seem to punch away easy catches

I just wondered if he was expecting the Preston player in front to get a touch and getting ready to react!

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