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On 17/11/2020 at 18:25, @owlstalk said:

How do you know the person you're saying that to doesn't have dyslexia or a disability?

He's on a Sheffield Wednesday Fans Forum .....

I'd say that more than covers all spectrums .....

However judging by the posters in this thread I'd wager not many were born when Harold Wilcockson was running around like a headless chicken on the hallowed turf .....

Darren Potter you moan ?

You lucky lucky Bàstards!!!!!!




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We were in Malta with the Owls pre season tour and Darren potters 1st day there ended with him stopping out all night.

Next morning ,Michael Grey came out onto streets asking if anyone had seen him.

It coined the phrase...Wheres Potter

Bit of a lad by all accounts.

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On 17/11/2020 at 12:18, SiJ said:

One of the great worst games I've ever seen.


The roar of anticipation as he went to take the third one, followed by a crescendo of boos as he fooked it for the third time in a row.


In the same game, Sedgewick tried to hit a half volley from about 35 yards out. Hit it is so bad, the ball went in the South Stand. Bloke in front burst out laughing.


Those were the days.

I rushed from parents’ evening to get there.

Was fuming after the second corner. Laughed at third - you had to really otherwise you’d be throwing yourself in front of traffic on A61.


As for potter, interesting he did well at MK in a 3, basically he was a coward of a footballer: happy to keep things ticking over but never play a risky pass or make a tackle. Kind of like the ‘floater’ you have in training occasionally.

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