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43 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

Are people forgetting Steve Bruce’s use of Bannan at LW?


Lasted 45 minutes, and Bruce said that experiment will never be repeated.


No way will a proper manager like Pulis see Bannan as a LW.

Yet he had his best season under Carlos playing mostly in that position.

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41 minutes ago, markg said:

Yet he had his best season under Carlos playing mostly in that position.

I disagree.


Look back at that season, pick out the belters and see where he played. 

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Bannan is only going to play one position for us.

That’s in the centre, mainly deep lying.


Play him wide, or play him further forward in this team and he just won’t get on the ball. If we don’t get him on the ball might as well be sat in the stands.

eg play him further forward against Preston on Saturday and he will have to win a physical battle with Pearson, not going to happen.


Carlos played him wide , but that was in a slow, possession based team to try and control the game.

When he upped the tempo for the last half an hour he would drop Bannan into the middle, bring an extra striker on and press high so that we were playing in the opposition half.


The thing we have to do is the whole team plays further forward so that Bannan is playing in the opposition half and not on the edge of our box.

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15 hours ago, edmontonowl said:



How effective has he been Scotland?


Where's tha' bin, any road

Don't know. But it seemed like Pulis was keen for him play in the Euros. Good man management.


I forgot/lost my login and couldn't remember to email to recover it. Had to start again. Living outside Edmonton now to the West. How's things going with you?  

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9 hours ago, pazowl55 said:

Hardworking, committed, puts his foot in, plays it simple. How people think Pulis isn't going to like Pelupessy is beyond me.

He doesn't even put his foot in enough for me. Support him but he's too lightweight for what he does, and offers little attacking threat.

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19 hours ago, shandypants said:

It’s great to hear a manager talk straight and have something interesting to say. It’s obvious that Pulis is intelligent and media savvy. A great improvement on Monk who just regurgitated the same tripe multiple times during each interview. 

Whilst he isn’t the best midfielder in the club by any means, you do Pelupessy a disservice as he has been excellent these last few games (also, what’s all this “we” about?). 

It’s also great to hear that Pulis has recognised that Paterson isn’t a centre-forward. Heaven knows what Monk saw Paterson as but anyone with eyes in their head can see Paterson is a forward in the loosest sense of the word, never mind a target man. What Paterson does have though is a willingness to work hard and run which may afford him some time in the side - god knows where he’ll play though. 

We desperately lack a target man. It’ll be interesting to see how Pulis handles that problem. 

Yes this. The Cardiff fans told us he deffo wasn't a target man. Pulis is on to that already.


Gonna be interesting to see who he picks on Saturday but it's also another reminder that here we are again with a new manager and a load of players signed by somebody else.🙄

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