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England men's fixtures omdt.

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England v San Marino
7.45pm*, Thursday 25 March 2021

Albania v England
5pm, Sunday 28 March 2021

England v Poland
7.45pm, Wednesday 31 March 2021

Hungary v England
7.45pm, Thursday 2 September 2021

England v Andorra
5pm, Sunday 5 September 2021

Poland v England
7.45pm, Wednesday 8 September 2021

Andorra v England
7.45pm, Saturday 9 October 2021

England v Hungary
7.45pm, Tuesday 12 October 2021

England v Albania
7.45pm, Friday 12 November 2021

San Marino v England
7.45pm, Monday 15 November 2021

*All kick-off times in GMT/BST 


For anybody brave enough to book or make travel plans!

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