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Will we sign a top striker in January?

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Hopefully he does more of a Bruce and finds players on a pittance which we can sell for profit in 18 months. 

But the lack of a physical spine to the team with Dunkley, Flint , Luongo injured will be a concern. If Paterson was injured it would run through the team.

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9 hours ago, sherlyegg said:

11 games to play before Jan.

Mid table by then and 6pts off top 6.

Spending time for the final push.


Let’s be realistic.

Mid table by season end I hope then top 6 next season. 

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32 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



Ohh god no

I'd forgot about those

Please - can we just cancel that happening?

I'm not sure I can take it

Id love a good striker or two, depends what the balance sheet is looking like though

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12 hours ago, @owlstalk said:


My gut feeling is yes we will


Maybe Chansiri wasn’t convinced enough to spend whilst Monk was here but I’m confident Pulis will have been given assurances of squad building in January 


I don’t really know who we could bring in but am pretty sure Pulis will know a few 


I’m thinking a massive strong powerhouse of a striker who can lead the line, beat everyone in the air and finish well


Maybe a striker like we haven’t had for a long time?


January could be good 



I wanted Keifer Moore here, as soon as I saw him at Rovrum, gutted when he went to Barnsley, Wigan and now cardiff with out us trying for him.

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8 hours ago, Bleeder said:

Hope you're right.


We really missed Fletcher when he got injured last year.


Can see why we might've thought better of offering him what he wanted at the end of last year, (though he's got 4 up to now this season,) but we should've pulled out all the stops to find a replacement.

And for the 1st 2 seasons of his contract.

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Must admit, I haven't watched us this season and thought "if only we had a top striker to put away all those chances" very often.


It wouldn't be my first choice of positions to strengthen at the minute if funds are tight.


If by January we've actually worked out how to create some genuine sniffs at goal, and the current lot haven't stepped up and started putting it in the net, then obviously that changes things. But the way we've been playing up to now, Armstrong and Toney would've struggled to get 5 goals between them.

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11 hours ago, DeBilde'sTea said:

Marriot back to Derby perhaps.


Hopefully a proper goalscorer. 


But we almost need a defensive midfield backup more. Someone to cover Massimo. A veteran who doesn't mind not starting every game but can mix it when called upon maybe. 


The priorities are a good target man and a new keeper. The rest can wait for the summer if need be but those 2 positions are crying out for improvement. Obviously if we can find good def mid we would take him but Luongo is excellent when fit and Pelupessy is an adequate stand in, he has been good his last 2 or 3 games.

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5 hours ago, Blue and white said:

I think he will get a tune out of Rhodes, also Westwood will be back at the earliest opportunity.


Watch this space.

I doubt we will see Westwood again. Pulis won't accept not training and there were plenty of signs Westwood had lost it when he was still playing. A year long lay off won't have helped.


We do need a keeper though. Dawson is so inconsistent ans Wildsmith is a great shot stopper but not much else.

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12 hours ago, WalthamOwl said:

Probably will sign Gestede. We desperately need to improve upfront in the January window with a couple of signings. 


A waste of space who's made a lot of money and done nothing since a decent spell at Blackburn 6 years ago. Sounds familiar... 

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Worth remembering that there’s 24 games gone and 22 left when the window opens.


28 gone and only 18 left when it shuts.


What happens between now and then shapes our season.

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