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Terry Curran on Tony Pulis

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11 minutes ago, Barnwood62 said:

I’m with TC he’s a dinosaur old school, lump the ball upfield long throw ins , he’ll take us back 30yrs but not me I’ll not watch that kind of football

If he takes us back to 1990 I'll be delighted.

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38 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



People shouldn't mock people with opinions that are different to theirs

There will be many many Wednesday fans who think the same way that Terry Curran does

If you disagree with Terry Curran fair enough but be aware that he's not the only one thinking that way, and respect that people have different opinions


This appointment will have an impact on things - be in no doubt about that

Remember also that many season ticket holders were staying away from games before lockdown

If you personally are happy with Tony Pulis style of football that's fine. Others are not. Respect that.

I will definitely stick my hand up here. I have no desire to watch that dog poo brand of football, and I won’t If you don’t enjoy something, why do it. 

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1 minute ago, meggoisgod said:

I'm really not sure where the potentially misplaced outrage is coming from re TP. We have been an awful football team since Bruce left. 



Staggering logic

"Weve been rubbish for ages now so we should be happy that we're going to continue being rubbish'



I just don't  understand this logic - can someone explain it to me

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Owlstalk Shop




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I've been watching Wednesday for a considerable time now and have seen some seriously bad poo. That never stopped me, if you support a team then you support a team, to suggest not watching the team until X is sacked is just pathetic and not really a fan thing. whichever league we are in we will always have a core set of fans that will travel the country because Wednesday is their team and you don't change teams for any reason. I don't get what TC is saying at all. Wednesday are my team and I want us to be successful, not get relegated trying to play pretty football.


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