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Still not had my refund... 


Anyone else? 

Not making any excuses but perhaps this has been hampered by the closure of non essential shops in the last few weeks. 

as its a shop you wouldn’t expect they would be working from home but you would like to think those on st refund duty would be asked to wfh by calling people.

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I was refunded about 3 weeks ago. 


Now more concerned about the £600 DC has for this seasons ticket. 


Can't imagine the money from the 2020/21 Season purchased at early bird rate last February has been ring fenced. 


Bet best part of £5m has been paid by fans as an estimate - 8000 x £600.

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1 hour ago, royalowlisback said:

Still waiting.

Horrendous pal chin up it will happen

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2 minutes ago, EighteenSixty7 said:

Still waiting, my Dad had his months ago. 

I don't understand what criteria they are using to issue refunds, does anybody?


There are loads who applied on the very first day you could (like me) who haven't been refunded yet, is it date order, shoe size, star sign?


Our lass is working from home, and has been since last March, so I know we haven't missed any calls, what is happening?

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Doesn't affect me but I think this is disgusting.


We are not talking about millions of people here, simply no excuse to take so long other than absolute contempt for the fans.

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